The Best Shopify Web Developers In Lagos

We are very Huge Supporters of Small & Larger E-Commerce Stores in Nigeria Because We Started Really Small.


Shopify powers over 800,000
businesses of different sizes in 175
Best Shopify E-Commerce Web Developers In Lagos

What is Shopify?

Shopify is now the leading commerce platform designed for businesses of all sizes, Shopify powers over 800,000 businesses of different sizes in 175 countries. Whether you sell online, on social media, in-store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered. Shopify powers over 800,000 businesses of different sizes in 175 countries. Whether you’re a small business owner and want to start selling your products, or a service provider, or if you have an established business and want to grow, Shopify can help you.

Below you’ll find the different products or services that you can sell on Shopify. Even if you know what you’re selling already, it may give you some ideas for other services you could sell to grow your business.

  • Physical products
  • Digital products
  • Services and consultations
  • Memberships
  • Ticketed experiences
  • Classes and lessons
  • Rentals


Best Shopify Web Developer In Lagos Nigeria

Why Shopify?

Great question!

Shopify offers:

  • many available themes (new ones coming out all the time)
  • Multiple Payment Methods including 3rdparty shopping integrations such as Paystack, Bitpay, Cash Envoy, CoinBase Commerce, Paygate, Payment Wall, PayPal etc
  • They support blogs and we all know content is king!
  • Tracking and maintaining customer data
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Optimized for SEO and easily customizable in regards to keywords
  • You can use your MailChimp or other Email providers
  • You can add coupons and discount codes
  • Full HTML and CSS Editing abilities
  • A “Buy Now” call to action button to be placed on external sites
  • POS Integration
  • Becketing Countdown Timer & Upsell Plugins among other very useful Plugins
  • You can make a customizable profile for your employees (up to 15 employees can manage a store)
  • Integrations with live chats
  • Create your own store Gift Cards
  • An Abandoned Cart feature built-in!
  • Integration with help desks like ZenDesk
  • Google Analytics reporting
  • Shipping carrier integration
  • You can enable multiple languages
  • Perfect for businesses of almost any size

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