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November 2, 2020
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Amari Diego Overview: “We needed a better looking website that actually captured leads”


Amari Diego Corporate Events, a well-established corporate event company, needed a website revamp for aesthetics as well as to create a properly functioning lead capturing funnel. Their outdated website did not accurately showcase their range of services and was not effectively capturing leads, leading to low engagement and minimal online presence.

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Our web design agency was brought on to provide a website revamp for Amari Diego Corporate Events. We conducted extensive research on their target audience, competition, and industry trends to inform the design and development of a new website that was not only visually appealing but also had a properly functioning lead capturing funnel.

The new website we designed featured a modern and professional layout that highlighted the company’s key strengths and services. We optimized the website for search engines, ensuring it ranked highly in search results for relevant keywords. Additionally, we created a lead capturing funnel that effectively guided potential customers through the sales process and converted them into paying customers.

To further improve Amari Diego Corporate Events’ online presence, we developed a digital marketing strategy that included Google Ads and social media advertising campaigns. These campaigns were designed to drive traffic to the website, increase engagement with the brand, and ultimately generate new leads and customers.


As a result of our efforts, Amari Diego Corporate Events saw a significant increase in website traffic and engagement, as well as improved lead generation and customer acquisition. The company’s new website and online presence helped them to effectively showcase their range of services and convert potential customers into paying customers. This in turn increased their credibility and reputation among their target audience and resulted in a positive impact on their bottom line.

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These guys have been really helpful, our experience has been that of dealing with a friend that wants the best for you.