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March 10, 2023
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Akinola Akintunde & Co – Web Design
March 10, 2023
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Aveon Offshore Overview: “We Needed Our Website Rebuilt From Scratch As Soon As Possible”


Aveon Offshore had lost their previous website under unclear circumstances and needed it rebuilt within a week without any of the mistakes of the previous websites.



We were enlisted to help Aveon Offshore re-build a website capable of meeting and exceeding every function the previous website could achieve, we were able to meet with them, collect as much information as possible and reverse engineer the previous website based on the data we had collected and processed.

After carefully evaluating the needs of the business, we were able to build the website with new licenses for better plugins as well as other building blocks of the websites


We developed a new website similar to the previous one but with a lot more stability, no bugs and better plugin alternatives on time and on budget.

AkintoyeBusiness Developer at 364 Gifts
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Excellent job, thanks for building the website on time.